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The Best 100 Love Poems of the Spanish Language (Spanish)


The Best 100 Love Poems
of the Spanish Language (Spanish Edition)




The Best 100 Love Poems of the Spanish Language
(bilingual English-Spanish)
Rigas Kappatos and Pedro Lastra


  • ISBN: 1-885778-40-6
  • LOVE is the inexhaustible subject of poets.  Universal poetry has a plethora of masterpieces inspired by the small winged god who is "invincible in battle".  Poetry written in Spanish ahs its own important part in these masterpieces, starting in the Middle Ages and continuing until today.  The poets and anthologists Pedro Lastra and Rigas Kappatos present in this volume their demanding selection of the Best One Hundred Love Poems written in the landuage of Garculaso, Gongora and Quevedo.  In addition to these poets, they have included other significant poets of the Spanish Golden Age, modernism and contemporaries, who continue to create in the art of Erato and Polymnia.

The Best One Hundred Love Poems of the Spanish Language have been selected from the works of seventy seven poets from fifteen countries.  Four of them are recipients of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

  • Reviews: I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I have passed it on to Prof. Noar at Fordham University who agreed with me that the translation is excellent. It is not easy to translate poetry but this translation captured the idiom of both languages in flowing, rhythmical, metrical way without loosing imaginative verve and preserving the emotional delicacy and fineness of the language structure. Thank you for this effort.

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