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by Chris McMahon


The new Survival Series published by Seaburn Books is quite unlike all other personal development books of the genre. Rather than flowery new-age tales of self-love psychobabble, they are instead thoughtful approaches to reality’s numerous obstacles. The books address philosophical, psychological and physiological issues with a clear and open-minded wisdom rooted in modern academia and well-researched universal experience. The books are at equal ease discoursing upon the programmed myth of racist oppression, quantum physics and how it relates to everyday life and the best modern methods of self-defense. The books are that far reaching with superb research in each and every area of dialogue. For this reason and this reason alone, the books are entitled the Survival Series, because they pertain to the detailed survival of each and every one of us within the infrastructure of the greater world in which we all live.

The newest addition to this series of books is entitled THE 100 STEPS NECESSARY FOR SURVIVAL IN AMERICA FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR. This new publication tackles the history of racism, its collective roots and the psychological oppression which has been systematically internalized within an entire people. The book brings to light the history of the African American struggle and the parallel undaunted climb of an American ideology forever daring to beckon equality for all men. The book boldly challenges a people to erase ALL stereotypes of inferiority and gain self-reliance and self-responsibility within the structure of an American society which is created for individuals who are able to overcome adversity, choose to find their purpose and ultimately dare to succeed. The book is neither Right wing or Left wing, its aim is rather to continue where the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT left off and to elaborate upon the truest meaning of the final and greatest AMERICAN DREAM.

I have not read a book lately that reminded me of our common human purpose as this Survival Series title by Dr. Sam Chekwas.

Sam Chekwas is a Dentist and Author of books in the English and Greek languages. He lives in New York with his wife and two children.