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69+1 Ways To Use A Condom, Takis Latas, 1885778619 69+1 Ways To Use A Condom

Author: Takis Latas

ISBN: 1-885778-61-9
Format: Paperback, 72pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
Price: $10.00
Web Special: $4.99

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69+1 Ways To Use A Condom, Takis Latas


A collaboration by Robert Bartholomew who provided the test and Takis Lalas the illustrator.

Condoms are not only used wisely or unwisely to influence reproduction, their first use was to sustain health. Over the past twenty years, condoms have become useful weapons in the fight against sexually transmitted diseases, and the newcomer enemy, AIDS.
No longer should we only equate condoms with the preservation of life and its use as a contraceptive, we must recognize that this universal product has a funny and practical side when used in non-conventional settings such as in the cat, the kitchen and on holidays. The author ensures that he went through all sixty-nine ways of essential condom use before discovering the 70th and funniest application. Thus he encourages each noble soul who reads this raillery, to make condoms their everyday pals, their everyday pals, their use a daily habit.


Takis Latas is a Cartoonist and Journalist based in Greece.

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69+1 Ways To Use A Condom, Takis Latas, 1885778619

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