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Sunday, Sept. 2, 2001
Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

2001 Black Book ExpoTM

1st Annual Black Book & Family Expo









A wise man ones said: the loneliest place on earth is not the dessert, nor the North pole, but a house without a book...

Our endeavor is to make reading a vibrant part of every child’s routine cannot be accomplished without the generous support. The events of  BBP 2001 are geared towards bringing awareness to the plethora of black books published each year in the United States and around the world.

Our Sponsors include: 
Aandbbooks.com,  Mason & Kpuff Professional Services, Seaburn Publishing, BlackBookPlus.com, Africainprint.com and Read Aloud NY.

To become a Sponsor CLICK HERE. Add your company to the growing list of publishers and businesses in the community that support BLACK BOOK EXPO and our reading programs.

Support to:  READ ALOUD NYTM  
A unique program designed to provide books free of charge to children in the community. Under this program, children are encouraged to bring their favorite books and read them aloud to the audience. Their reward is a bag full of new books to go home with. 

Authors, Publishers and Booksellers are encouraged to donate overstock or  current publications for children who otherwise cannot afford to buy them.


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