How to Kill your Loved Ones with Food and Get Away With It
Erroll Stanford, Ph.D.
ISBN: 1-885778-19-8



This is an interesting, humorous and ironically serious exposition of how often we unwittingly kill our loved ones while thinking good for them, to shower them with kindness, love and especially "good food".

How to Kill your loved ones with food was a radio lecture on health that enjoyed enormous popularity.  You will be enchanted by the author's clear message that reveals important factual and nutritionally sound information.

Errol Stanford is not only a Doctor of Naturopathy (Natural Medicine), but also a Doctor of Nutrition (Ph.D.) 


Como Matas A Tus Queridos Con La Comida
Errol Stanford, Ph.D.
ISBN: 1-885778-25-2



¿Sabia usted que en el régimen alimentico tipico del hombre moderno que se jacta se ser tan "sofisticado" y "civilizado", hay una cobra venenosa bajo la mesa un peligro escondido pero mortifero?