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Holy Ankhuwa (Paperback)
Author: Chukwudi Maduno
Price: $14.95
Published: 2007
ISBN: 1592320430


In the Spirit of MAAT, the Creator is One. The One is AMUN and the Divine Plan is EKUMEKU. There is no other Creator of the universe but AMUN in whom we trust. The book introduces African philosophy to the readers of diverse background and creeds. The Truth of the divine birth of EKUMEKU is the perfect manifestation of the Universal Mind in the wholeness of eternity. Whomever rejects the Truth is an Unbeliever who is in the need of EKUMEKU. Let us all bear witness to the Truth of the divine birth of EKUMEKU on the Second year of Nzoputa Uwa. The Creator is One. The One is AMUN and the Divine Plan is EKUMEKU. OTUA-KA-ODI!
About the Author
Chukwudi Okeke Maduno is the leading African Philosopher alive today. His other works have been published in books, magazines and anthologies. He is an asset to his motherland Africa where he lives and creates.


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