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The Iron Legs In The Trees

by Van Garrett

Price: $12.00
ISBN-10: 1592323782



The Iron Legs in the Trees is a narrative of how slaves who were once caged by the Danes became cannibals after overthrowing King Archibald in 1876. The sea dwellers (Aphzebo) and land dwellers (Terazebo) worked closely to take their independence; however, the conquered castle becomes too crowded for the boors. The land dwellers launch a war against the unsuspecting sea dwellers, sending them running for the shelter of the Wootoosi trees on Zaco Island, where they roost. Battles transpire. Blood is spilled. And those who dwell in trees seek to maintain their dominance, feasting on their enemies, one morsel of flesh at a time.


The Iron Legs In The Trees

Author: Van G. Garrett

Internationally recognized poet Van G. Garrett sharpens his narrative chops in his fiction debut, The Iron Legs in the Trees (Seaburn Books, 2013).  Having widely published poems about music and relationships, Garrett pushes the envelope in a horror/fantasy novella about slaves turned cannibals who devour slave owners and those who aid the bloodthirsty clan in obtaining freedom.

Poetically gruesome, The Iron Legs in the Trees is ideal for middle school through adult readers. It is a narrative that chronicles cannibals who live on land and water, who thrive, war, and love, in ways that make readers reconsider walking under trees and swimming in places that seem like ideal island resorts.

The Iron Legs in the Trees is available at Barnes &,, your local bookstore, and wherever books are sold. Please visit: for more information.

* Photo credit: Roniel Villaraza

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