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Lovers' Quarrels Lovers' Quarrels (Paperback)
Author: Tonya Smith
Price: $19.95
Published: December 2007



LOVERS QUARRELS is a unique collection of 5 modern sci-fi/meta-fi love stories that metaphorically reflect the different personalities and styles of relationships between supernatural lovers in contemporary, magical settings.

ART & THE EGO explores an argument in an otherworldly art gallery between two mutant artists with different talents who are steadfast in their opposite perspectives between what is real in art (and from the heart) and what is not.

VIABLE EFFECTS is about a pair of emotionally designed robots whose experimental mission goes awry when one of them begins to desire more ardor from the unwilling other and is willing to do what it takes to get it.

VALORA is a story within a story about an anxious but shy young man that has only one more chance to win back his hostile ex-lover (who doesn’t want him anymore) before she marries another and leaves his life for good. By last resort, he attempts to persuade her meet him at a club, and tries to persuade her to taste a very expensive, supernatural liquor that is “guaranteed to turn a lover’s no to a yes” by telling her the legendary tale behind the drink. The catch is though, that the concotion can only work if the two drink it together

THE MYSTIC & THE SOPHIST is the supernatural story of a magical but spiritually challenged young female in another realm who meets a charming, cunning male being who appears to be the direct opposite of her nature. He “tricks” her into a date with him and she thinks he carries within him a solution to her problem, but naively doesn’t realize that this arrogant little character has a hidden agenda and unique, secret powers of his own which he, beyond a doubt knows how to use…

THE APEX OF TALISE is a fantastic urban fairy tale of two betrothed lovers from another planet who get stuck in a metropolis here on Earth. When the Prince loses his mind- and the mission- the Princess is ordered by their family of royal deities to find him and get them both back home in one piece. Unfortunately, the change of dimensions altered both of their forms and the Princess doesn’t know what he looks like- and the fallen Prince believes from his drug-induced madness that she is an apparition coming to kill him…


TONYA M. SMITH is a native New Yorker from Mount Vernon. After 3 years of college, she is really a self-taught writer, artist, avid lover of movies, books and storytelling of all mediums. When between jobs, she is working on the life she ordered, and the next fantastic collection to share with the world.



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