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Music And Medicine: Connections Found (Paperback)
by Prof. David Akombo

List Price: 19.95
ISBN: 1592321585

: Feb. 2009




A work of immense value to educators around the world. --Paedeia Reviews

In Music and Medicine: Their Connections, Dr. David Akombo escorts the reader upon an odyssey into what has been a virtual terra incognita for medicine throughout the millennia of recorded time, the advantageous effect of music upon the psychosomatic unity of the suffering person. While Dr. Akombo marshals mountains of scientific evidence to support this thesis, the book is not merely a textbook for the technically inclined. It is a humanistic synthesis combining the art and science of medicine with all the polyphonic disciplines of life: such as philosophy, history, and religion. There are many maxims associated with music. For Shakespeare music is the food of love, while many a savage beast has been soothed by the calming influences of melody, harmony, and rhythm. With overwhelming evidence Dr. Akombo illustrates that there exists a discernible causal, and not merely correlational, connection between listening to music and the diminution of pain, especially for those people diagnosed with severe and often life threatening ailments. In addition to the many positive dividends that music offers to the suffering soul is the fact that it lives up to one of the core commitments of the Hippocratic oath. Since time immemorial it has been an ongoing profession of faith that medical practitioners should first and foremost do no harm. Dr. Akombo assures us, not only with his solemn oath, but with a faith which has been forged by overwhelming medical evidence, that as a medical tool for neutralizing pain music has no hidden drawbacks. At a time of economic crisis, when our financial assets are quickly turning into liabilities, music turns out to be the gold standard of medicine. While it has taken literally thousands of years to know its medical worth, the medical value of music is perennial and not subject to the vagaries of the human condition. This book is a must read for anyone with a pulse, the underlying rhythm of the life force. --Prof. Glenn Statile
About The Author:

Music and Medicine: Connections Found is a ground-breaking interdisciplinary research concerned with the connections of two distant fields: Music and Medicine. It is well recognized that pain and anxiety can affect the autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity and balance. The interaction between feeling states, immunity and autonomic function has been demonstrated by a number of studies showing that emotions such as pain perception and anxiety stimulate sympathetic activity, increase cortisol ratio and suppress the immune system, while positive emotional states such as appreciation from such stimuli as music, enhance parasympathetic activity, increase physiological coherence, and reduce the cortisol ratio while boosting immunity.




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