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Storms of the Orisha
Author: Oloye Karade
ISBN: 1592321828
Format: Paperback
Price: $15.00

Pages: 296
Publication Date: July 1, 2009
Subject: Fiction / Spiritual / New Age



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Elongated street lamps bow to the earth like angels and give dim light to the dark city. Silent prayers for the dead and the living are made and there arises an urban fantasy of allegorical insight and power. Storms of the Orisha traces the life of Deborah Hendricks as she struggles to overcome her dementia, her traumatic past, and her historical emptiness.

Searching for meaning, she finds solace in the teachings of an archaic African Religion and the enigmatic priest who holds secrets of reincarnations and resurrections yet to come. Under his guidance, the trusting aspirant is led to believe that she will give birth to a girl-child who will become the savior of humanity. But, Deborah’s life is not made any easier: She is betrayed by the priest; the child is born deformed; and she is under investigation for the murder of her college professor. The distraught mother soon realizes that she and her child are being purified by tragedy –that they are caught in the middle of an eternal war between the divine orisha and the evil ajogun.

The salvation of humanity lay in the balance and the demons are winning...or so it appears. At the pivotal moment, the deformed child reveals her true self as Oshun, the goddess who pleads for humankind at the feet of the Creator.  And, the tides are turned.

About The Author:

Oloye Karade is the well known author of several texts on the Ifa tradition.  Publishing under the name of Baba Ifa Karade, he has provided the world community with thought provoking works and insights into the Yoruba faith.  Mr. Karade is also a teacher, lecturer, and musician. He resides with his family in New Jersey where he continues to develop speculative fiction based on his knowledge of African religion and culture.




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