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Terrors of War  (Paperback)
by Nnamdi Agbakoba

List Price: 19.95
: 2008
Category: Non Fiction

ISBN 1592321550




Nearly two million people were slaughtered in the four-year Nigerian/Biafran Civil War. American educated Nnamdi Agbakoba writes a chilling account of bloodshed and almost miraculous survival in The Terrors of War. As much a story of war as of peace, of cowardice as of heroism, he reveals the spiritual lessons learned, as well as a powerful philosophical viewpoint found in the Bible and the Koran. Woven together, The Terrors of War is a uniquely compelling book. Author Agbakoba takes his account far beyond the events of the mid-sixties, when Nigeria's Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces was assassinated and the country was drowning in a sea of anarchy, starvation, and brutality. He delves into fascinating parallels between that civil war and the American presence in Iraq. There are no wiser words than those of the author: War is a reflection of a total breakdown of diplomatic dialogue and discussions aimed at resolving differences. War breaks out when compromise, tolerance, forgiveness, and diplomatic discussions completely fail. In Terrors of War, the futile and violent results of hatred are studied. . .and important conclusions are reached.

About The Author:

Nnamdi Agbakoba is the executive producer of Visions Questron Digital Studios, a lagos based TV and Movie production studio.

He is the founder of Cat-War (Campaign Against Terror and War, a Lagos based NGO whose efforts are geared towards peace education and the eradication of violence, terror and war. He is married to Joy and has two children Ify and Awi.





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