The Apocalypse after John
by Ioannis Tsatsaris
336 Pages
ISBN: 1-885778-43-0



My powers of perception do not allow me to be so ambitious as to call myself the One whom every reader has been waiting to hear; they permit me only to say that my name is Ioannis G. Tsatsaris.

This book was written from the inner call of my own elemental Being to present to the peoples of Earth my perceptions and observations concerning the functioning of society and its members, who are all seeking solutions.  And even though at the beginning they feel satisfied with the new discoveries of their thinking, they eventually find themselves in a vast wilderness.

This is why, beginning at the micro-molecular level, I reveal concisely the way this functions up until its complete integrated configuration, which is Man in his entirety.

In this writing you will words that denote important and special meanings that cannot be properly expressed by any modern language and its syntax today; and this is because the learned among us have not as yet focused  on these concepts in their attempts to comprehend the mysteries of Man's organic functioning.

Since the concepts expressed in these revelations have not appeared before in exactly the same way to human consciousness, I restrain myself from giving a broader, more complete analysis of them.  These ideas have extremely powerful core Positions, but because of the emotive states that have entered Man's viscera from the Position of the Unconscious, certain people will be unable to perceive them as a gift from on high.  Instead, there is danger that they will be drawn by these concepts into illusory states entangling them in unrealistic suppositions, which is always a trap for Man.

Following my own inner calling, I have used the language of Higher Sensory Attunement to reveal how Man can create his own inner harmony.

In this book you will find much newly revealed insight, and be encouraged to examine the thinking that is deeply entrenched in you, by standing outside of it as observer.  From that vintage point you will be able to pinpoint many areas of perceptive awareness, where you have gone imperceptibly wrong, impelled by the hurriedly drawn conclusions, that have taken over unawares certain parts of our emotional terrain.

From this book you will acquire the knowledge to formulate new ways of perceptive awareness, enabling you to see the open gates of the Heavens waiting for you, as a Rule of Life.

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