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Baby Names, Tyra Mason and Sam Chekwas Baby Names
Real Names with Real Meanings for African Children

Authors: Tyra Mason and Sam Chekwas

ISBN: 1-885778-35-X
Format: Paperback, 192pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
Price: $11.95

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Baby Names - Real Names with Real Meanings for African Children


One of the most critical moments in a person's life arrives when their parents decide on their name. In cultures where significance is given to the day and time of birth, whether a child is a twin or their status in the family hierarchy be it the first or last child, aids the parent in deriving a name for the child. How often have you asked a person the meaning of their name to receive the response, I really don't know, I think my parents made it up. Such a response is given because naming rituals are not prevalent in the west. Therefore, a child is often named based on the popularity of movies, celebrities or from common name usage at the time they were born.

Baby Names for Children of African Heritage is a collaboration between Sam Chekwas and Tyra Mason to provide a valuable resource of names from the "Mother Land". More than fifteen thousand names are listed with their origin and meaning, providing the most accurate source of names from African cultures. The intelligentsia of names provide parents with a root from which meaning is added to their child's identity. Abstract words that were before the nucleus of name derivation can be replaced by concrete nouns that create a distinct character for a person.

Launched during Black History Month, Baby Names for Children of African Heritage has the markings of an invaluable cultural resource that will be cherished for generations. The names contained in this publication provide parents the opportunity to create icons of their children instead of identifying them based on derivations of popular culture. Ethnic, religious or personal qualities can be given to our children stemming from their full names to cherished nicknames characterized by individual personalities.

Baby Names, Tyra Mason and Sam Chekwas

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