ISBN: 0533109892
Revisit the origins of Western civilization in the company of author C. Herbert Oliver, who, in Cadmus and Europa, examines literary relics with the eye of an archeologist.
The author's thesis is that the basic sciences and the tools of learning, the invention of which is often credited to the ancient Greeks, actually originated in black culture. Such origins, however, have been largely and intentionally obscured. To prove his case, the author calls upon witnesses from the past for first-hand knowledge, i.e., Homer, Herodotus, Hesiod, and Ovid. Their testimony is provided i the context of the author's dialogue with Cadmus, of myth, legend, and history, whose search for his sister Europa, abducted by Zeus, brought him from Phoenicia to Greece.
 This book calls upon the reader to examine the evidence that the contributions of ancient black peopes to wrold civilization have been denied.