The search for greater transcendental experiences, is a continuing quest of humanity.  This search for fulfillment dates as far back as Confucius’, pre-Christianity theology of Yin/Yang to today’s holistic theories and search for wisdom.  Seaburn Publishing, has realized this elemental desire, and is responding with a line of inspirational literature.  

On the Earth – Soccolich
In the Global Village - Soccolich
Stressful Environment – Williams
In America for People of Color – Chekwas
In America for the Immigrant- Chekwas
In America - Tabone

Manuscripts must be double-spaced, and presented with a cover letter, describing the work, and a one page Bio of the author. All submissions must be copies of the original manuscript. The manuscript should have a title page, followed by 70 Pages of 8 1/2 5 X 11 paper, and about 18 - 20,000 words. Each submission must be followed by a one-page annotation, summary of the work.

The purpose of these books is to enlighten our readers. The author is asked to renew interest in our reading public and challenge them to do greater things. It should be understood that the Editor and Publisher of these works EXPECT insightful, uplifting, works of wisdom. Real life accounts or biographical works are also welcome.

All material, which is libelous, slanderous, prejudice, or instilling a singular political viewpoint, which rejects all others, will itself be absolutely rejected.

Mail completed Manuscripts to: Seaburn Publishing, Survival SeriesTM, PO Box 2085, Astoria, NY 11102

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