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Seaburn Publishing Group

Seaburn Publishing Group is a New York based Publishing and Distributing Company with interest in contemporary topics that explore cultural diversity, nature, the environment and fascinating stories for adults and children.
Seaburn publishes African American, Greek, Ibo and Spanish titles, with a structured Nationwide distribution network. We edit, design, print and market your book with results that rival any other independent press.


The Marathon - Apostolos Yotis and Dora Maratou
Ancient Greek Wisdom - George Stoukas "Greece is not only the land of democracy, but also the caretaker of the mind and the soul of civilization” — Dr. Sam Chekwas
Across Time: Love Eternal - O. J. Harp III - An Adventure with Beginnings in Ancient Africa is a novel filled with mysticism, magic, future technology, and the history and lore of ancient Egypt, with its ancient spells, Pharaohs and pyramids...
In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas - Andreas C. George
African American Word Search Puzzles - Carla Atkins - Have a fun with Africa!
Twin of Heat - Dana Sanders Hill - A story of pure romance with a classic touch...


English and French Words of Hellenic Origin - By Michael and Demosthenes Papaioannou
To Be a Man: Johnnie Wilson, Jr.  - An Oral History by Susan Gluck Rothenberg

    African American Puzzles The Marathon
Just In!

Afriam American Puzzles

African American Puzzles

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Ancient Greek Wisdom
The successful result of a concentrated effort to bring to life thought and achievements of the great intellectual figures of Greek antiquity.
George Stoukas
Ancient Greek Wisdom
  New Releases
In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas
...Saint Nicholas, born in Patara of Asia Minor was a real person that lived in the fourth century during the turbulent and difficult times of early Christianity.
In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas
Andreas C. George
  Newest Books
Twin of Heat
Black Book News Bestseller!
A story of pure romance with a classic touch...
Dana's debut novel is a bomb!
Dana Sanders Hill
Twin of Heat
  Just In
Across Time: Love Eternal
A Historical Science Fiction Adventure of epic proportions, with multiethnic characters. It is a love story, which lasts across the very depths of time.
O.J.Harp III
The Transatlantic Icarus
Icarus is a young person with an immense challenge to meet: either to stay under his father’s protection on the island of Catherine Grigoriou
  Featured Books
Reflections on Spain's St. James and His Way
This work focuses on biblical and ancient historical accounts, oral histories, contemporary historical analysis
Robert Hodum
  Featured Author
Five Year Vest
There was cheating on tests, cutting class, and falling asleep in class. In HS this is expected from students but ..
Mike DeMarino
  Recent Releases  
Sad Songs
Sad Songs is not simply a book of poetry, but Yadi’s own personal diary of light bulb moments, awakening, and struggles to find answers.
Web $5.00
Lord Teach Us To Pray
A Guide to Christian Growth

The Rev. Dr. Leslie T. Seaton is a minister of the Reformed Church in America.

Effectual Prayer
A Simple Guide to Getting Your Prayers Answered.
Be A Giver And Bless The World
Reverend Herbert Daughtry
Do You Speak Greek?
Steve has been fascinated with the Greek language since childhood...
Steve Demakopoulos Ph.D.
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