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Black Wallstreet Book and Video
Seaburn Publishing Group, Astoria, New York
Seaburn Publishing Group, Astoria, New York

Seaburn Publishing Group is a New York based General Trade Independent Publishing and Distribution Company with interest in contemporary topics that explore cultural diversity, nature, the environment and fascinating stories for adults and children.
Seaburn publishes General interest books; African American books, Greek, Ibo and Spanish language books.
Seaburn was founded in 1990 by Dr. Sam Chekwas, a writer and translator of Greek language books and the recipient of the Ambassador of Hellenism award by the Greek Government.
Seaburn also owns and operates the leading online bookseller of African American interest books. Seaburn publishes the Black Book News Magazine dedicated to Books and News in the African American community, and Paedeia Reviews, a magazine of books and news of general interest.

Rape of Paradise - Jan Carew
Unveil An Appeal to Consciousness - Murielle Crane
The Garden Of Lost Vespers - Nicos Alexiou
The Book of Wisdom - Jean-Marie De La Trinite
Excuses Aside - Elie V. Parker
Amor, Icuantos Has Matado - Konstantinos Penetis


Life Gave Me Many Lessons - Maria Papougenis
The Marathon - Apostolos Yotis and Dora Maratou
Ancient Greek Wisdom - George Stoukas
In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas - Andreas C. George
African American Word Search Puzzles - Carla Atkins
Twin of Heat - Dana Sanders Hill


English and French Words of Hellenic Origin - By Michael and Demosthenes Papaioannou
To Be a Man: Johnnie Wilson, Jr.  - Susan G. Rothenberg

    African American Word Search Puzzles - Carla Atkins
Just In!

In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas

African American Word Search Puzzles - Carla Atkins

African American Word Search Puzzles - Carla Atkins African American Word Search Puzzles - Carla Atkins

  Just Released
Ancient Greek Wisdom
The successful result of a concentrated effort to bring to life thought and achievements of the great intellectual figures of Greek antiquity.
Ancient Greek Wisdom
George Stoukas
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The Marathon
This book focuses on the establishment, symbolism and ideological aspect of the Marathon, with references to events of historical and sporting interest ...
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Our National History
The approximation of Carlos Montemayor Romo de Vivar on Aristotle, possesses an air of truth and faith in the theories of the Greek philosopher..
Baby Names
Real Names with Real Meanings for African Children. One of the most critical moments in a person's life arrives when their parents decide on their name.
Baby Names, Tyra Mason and Sam Chekwas
A story of love, deceit, and betrayal, set in Greece during the civil wars of the late 1940s.

Nicholas Gage

History of The Olympic Games
The first country to place emphasis in physical education was Greece. Illustrates the commitment of the Greek in the human mind, body ..
  Our Catalogue
Ogbanje Son of The Gods
"Ogbanje" is a powerful book of the African experience as seen through the eyes of an Ogbanje, a child who dies and is reborn repeatedly to the same mother.
Ogbanje Son of The Gods, Sam Chekwas
  Our Catalogue  
Litrosi Lismonias
Oblivions Redemption

Author: Eleni Fintrilakis

The Beauty of Being Greek

Sam Chekwas

Root That Binds
The case for Ngwa Unity, Loyalty and Advancement - Root That Binds is an effort to re-examine the state of affairs among the Ngwa people of Nigeria...
Brown Ogwuma
Why I Kept My Past A Secret
Story of a black woman's struggle to maintain her dignity... her efforts to overcome the psychological effects of indifferent parents, rape, physical abuse...
Teresa M. Browning
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