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Do You Speak Greek?

Author: Steve Demakopoulos, Ph.D.

ISBN: 1885778511
Format: Paperback, 192pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
Price: $12.95



Do You Speak Greek?

Steve Demakopoulos has been fascinated with the Greek language since childhood.  He was born in Manhattan, New York City, in 1930, and grew up during the depression, at a time when communication with the Hellenic motherland was limited--only month-long voyages were possible--and native Greek newspapers were not easily available.
He nevertheless learned his parents’ Greek language patterns, a Greek-American dialect endearingly dubbed “Gringlish,” and he was very fortunate to be taught Greek by an experienced Greek-born teacher, who well understood the language problems of her students.

Her teaching instilled a love for the Greek language that continued to flower and mature, galvanizing Steve’s near Messianic desire to pass his enthusiasm for the Greek language and Hellenism to young Greek-Americans. Steve has been writing about the Greek language for several decades, and this book, reflecting his enduring passion for the language, is as knowledgeable as it is lighthearted -- a most pleasant guide to the treasures of Greek and the Greek-American dialect.


In "Do You Speak Greek?" Lexicographer and Educator Steve Demakopoulos reveals the power of the Greek language and thus deciphers elements of a world class lingua franca…

Paedeia Review Journal

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Do You Speak Greek?
Steve has been fascinated with the Greek language since childhood...
Steve Demakopoulos Ph.D.
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