DOUBLE EXPOSURE, Echoes of Two Cultures
By Irene Polemis
ISBN 1-885778-56-2
Pages: 136 Paperback
Price: $10.00

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Greek village images demand presence in New York City.  Ancestral muted cries reach quiet American settings.  Stricken events disrupt comfortable routines.  Spiritual sensibility haunts secular ease.  Withdraw to the dichotomous literary conscience of Irene Polemis.

Characters that are laden by antithetical forces occupy her short stories.  Characters, mostly Greek, trying to match their history to their American lives.  Characters who are at once vulnerable and indestructible exhibiting the complexity and paradox of being Greek.

The short stories are inspired by conversations frenziedly curtailed by the terror of memory, by facial shadows on tattered black white photos, by pilgrimages to blood stained mountainsides, by life created in absence, by love and longing.  They are the result of dual existence.  Irene Polemis delivers them in this debut collection, in a formally crafted, subtle and strong poetic prose.






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