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Glenn Statile, Ph.D.

Dr. Glenn Statile is a native of New York City.  Raised in Staten Island, he now resides in Astoria, Queens with his wife, Agnes. He is a member of the philosophy department at St. John’s University, where his teaching and publication interests include issues in the philosophy of science, science and religion, and literature.  He is the co-editor of The Tests of Time and The Journey of Metaphysics.  His two recent contributions to the Seaburn Wisdom series include René Descartes: Architect of the Modern World and René Descartes’ Regulae: The Power and Poverty of Method.  He has appeared on several local television shows to discuss the history of Christian art and frequently lectures on literary issues dealing with connections between faith and fiction.   In 2004 he co-directed the U.S. Women’s Chess Championship, which was held at the Manhattan Campus of St. John’s University.  He spends most of his spare time in Hartsdale, New York.

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  1. Rene Descartes Regulae: The Power and Poverty of Method 

  2. Rene Descartes: Architect of the Modern World

Rene Descartes


In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas

In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas

by Andreas C. George


Ancient Greek Wisdom Ancient Greek WisdomAncient Greek Wisdom

by George Stoukas



“Ancient Greek Wisdom by George Stoukas is the successful result of a concentrated effort to bring to life thought and achievements of both the better and lesser known of the great intellectual figures of Greek antiquity.

Whether you plunge in anywhere or read the book straight through, the result is the same. In either case you will be taken on a tour of the ancient Greek mind, profound and witty, sublime and savage, capable of the greatest feats of love as well as the worst of treachery. ”

Glenn Statile, Ph.D. St. John’s University


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