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Metamorphosis A-Z, Eura de Freitas Metamorphosis A-Z

Author: Eura de Freitas

ISBN: 1885778155
Format: Paperback, 48pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
Price: $8.50
Web Special: $2.75

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Metamorphosis A-Z, Eura de Freitas, ISBN: 1-885778-15-5


How do you stir the child's imagination? How do we pass on our values? How do bring the child to love books; to see reading not as a chore but as an exploration? Eura De Freitas has introduced answers to these questions, not in an essay and not in the latest scholarly journal, but in her new children's book: Metamorphosis! This Caribbean-born writer, award -winning poet and educator, takes us from the Mediterranean to Africa; from living in the skin of the Iguana, to carrying the weight of an elephant. Her detailed and immersive illustrations, swift narration and dialogue, draw us into the world of Alpha the Ant. And while we may contemplate the societal implications of this little ant's desire to escape "work work", "stealing" his meals from humans, never getting outside of the neighborhood, "living in fear" and that need to "fly", children will simply love the pictures and the neat story! Animal-Rights Activists may ruminate over Janvier the jaguar's fear that he may be shot for his skin, feminists may investigate why Queenie the quail "didn't want to be a girl" and scientists may be fascinated by Xerina the chromosome; sociologists may examine the social stratification of tree monkeys and zoo monkeys, but kids, kids will just have a ball as Alpha goes from Queenie the quail to Casper the cat; Vinny the vicuna or Buster the bat.

Your kids will say "I had that book before it became a movie!" and so will you! Here's an opportunity to get your kids to learn (even if they don't mean to!). For anyone who has ever for even a second wanted to be somewhere else or someone else, this book is for you. It just may change the way you look at life!


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