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Maryo’s world-weary mother, a hundred years old refugee from Asia Minor, cannot sink into death because her anguished mind refuses to give the order to the soul to depart. Her mind demand understanding of a life, that had gone on for so many years, yet seemed so shot: "Was it a moment’s dream or centuries long nightmare?" ... read more

Lala Crist weaves an intricate web of human characters and relationships… the characters are compelling, the setting convincingly detailed, the language rhythms spellbinding… A rare accomplishment… the written word results in the creation of a vibrant world of human activity."
Maria Anastasopoulou, Modern Greek Studies

". . . a journey through space and time. . . an especially important work which, with its powerful, intense style, enriches our contemporary fiction."

"Well read in sociology, literature, and criticism, Despina Lala-Crist has produced a suprizingly mature and original novel . . . The whole story has an undeniably lyric quality and genuine human warmth, marking it as an outstanding novel in all respects. Characters and events come alive in its pages, and the reader is carried by their dynamism into the vortex of multidimensional and omnipotent time."
                            M. Byron Raizis, World Literature Today

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