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Ogbanje Son of The Gods, Sam Chekwas Ogbanje - Son of The Gods

Author: Sam Chekwas

ISBN: 1-885778-00-7
Format: Paperback, 142pp
Language: Greek/English
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
Price: $10.95

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Ogbanje - Son of The Gods


"Ogbanje" is a powerful book of the African experience as seen through the eyes of an Ogbanje, a child who dies and is reborn repeatedly to the same mother. Ugo has lived previous lives but is considered a demon child by the present generation. In his prior incarnations Ugo found life to be utopic and close to nature, however, at this time of his arrival, things have changed considerably. The Ogbanje child, young yet old and wise, takes matters into his hands to institute the drastic changes necessary to restore normalcy and social harmony.

Interwoven with a traditional African tale of life in the village, "Ogbanje" is a story of the human condition. It is about the difficulties of change and the elements of the African culture and tradition which are vital to the growth of man. Through poetic outcries the author provides insight to the emotional anguish of a people in turmoil. Despite the story being set in Africa, its themes can be easily translated to relevance in any country experiencing the unnerving social changes that are being seen today. "Ogbanje" manages to be entertaining while carrying an important message on cultural integrity and social justice.


"There are many many Africans in one endeavour and other. Sam Chekwas is the unique one. With his writings in both Greek and English languages he has elevated not only himself but his entire race. With Ogbanje, he has proven to be on a crusade."

 — African Profiles Magazine, New York


"Sam Chekwas is a unique African and Ogbanje is destined to catapult him to literary heights. With Ogbanje written in both Greek and English, he has single-handedly bridged the two cultures. Ogbanje is a must read. Its intriguing."

 — William Egyir, Amsterdam News of New York


Ogbanje Son of The Gods, Sam Chekwas

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