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  Iron Legs        
of Reggie
by Luis Martinez
    But! I've Always Loved You
by Rose Anna Schoene

  Decoding the Dragon's Mindset
    Other Candle Lights
John Manesis
  Terrors of War
Nnamdi Agbakoba
    With Sex On MY Mind
Samuel Oke
  The Issue of Race  
    A Love Story of Wind and Rain
Hongwei Lou
  Husbandry 101
Terri Armstrong
    The Haunted Highway
M. Soorab Boodhoo
Price: $14.95



  Redemption And Deliverance
Author: Dutchess Taylor
Price: $15.95

    Cotton Tree
Cynthia B. Richards & Sadie A. Campbell
Price: $14.95


  Fifth Averyt Social Club
 Lawrence Lichtenfield
Price: $14.95



    Nigerian Proverbs
Mabel Ajala



  Min Kleineis to Biblio
Aikaterina Koutsoulieri

    Quotable Quotes from Nigeria
Mabel Ajala


  The Cul-lud Sch-oool Teach-ur
Sandra Bowen


African Countries - Word Search Puzzles
Carla Atkins
Price: $14.95
African National Parks - Word Search Puzzles
Carla Atkins
Price: $14.95
Carlos Montemayor Romo de Vivar
Price: $12.95
The Book of Wisdom,
Jean-Marie De La Trinite

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Breaking the Bonds of Dependence
Dr. Oswald Thomas
Price: $14.95
Click image for closer view
  Absolutely the Last Resort
Absolutely the Last Resort
Rose Anna Schoene
Price: $14.95
Click image for closer view

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In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas
...Saint Nicholas, born in Patara of Asia Minor was a real person that lived in the fourth century during the turbulent and difficult times of early Christianity.
In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas
Andreas C. George
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Do You Speak Greek?
Steve has been fascinated with the Greek language since childhood...
Steve Demakopoulos Ph.D.
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Sad Songs
Sad Songs is not simply a book of poetry, but Yadi’s own personal diary of light bulb moments, awakening, and struggles to find answers.
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Five Year Vest
There was cheating on tests, cutting class, and falling asleep in class. In HS this is expected from students but ..
Mike DeMarino
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