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Management Technology Transfer to Developing Countries
Onyemaechi C. Okpara
Price: $12.50
Web Special: $4.95
Ancient Greek Civilization
George Stoukas
Language: Greek
Price: $19.95
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  "... This book is highly recommended to police makers and other management practitioners..."

— H.E. Professor Ibrahim A.Gambari, Ambassador of Nigeria to The United Nations

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  ISBN: 1-885778-04-x
Format: Paperback, 162pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  ISBN: 1-59232-064-3
Format: Paperback, 295pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
Nicholas Gage
Language: Greek
Price: $25.00
Web Special: $20.00
The Willie Lynch Letter and The Destruction of Black Unity
The Slave Chronicles
Price: $6.95
Web Special: $4.95
  A story of love, deceit, and betrayal, set in Greece during the civil wars of the late 1940s. Eleni Gatzoyiannis was murdered by Communist partisans in 1948 for refusing to allow her children to be conscripted into their band. Her son Nicholas escaped to America as a result and grew up to become a distinguished journalist. Many years after his mother's death, he returns to Greece to learn how his mother met her fate, and to come to grips with his loss.
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  Never in the history of man has there been such cruelty against a group of people. This letter is one of the reasons the Negro cannot get ahead in America. When the core of your being is disrupted, your existence is of no significance... 

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  ISBN: 1885778686
Format: Paperback, 162pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  ISBN: 1592323006
Format: Paperback, 24pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
Thank You For Being My Father
Dimitris I. Neofotistos
Language: Greek
Price: $12.00
Web Special: $9.95
  69+1 Ways To Use A Condom, Takis Latas, 1885778619
69+1 Ways To Use A Condom
Takis Latas
Price: $10.00
Web Special: $4.99

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  No longer should we only equate condoms with the preservation of life and its use as a contraceptive, we must recognize that this universal product has a funny and practical side when used in non-conventional settings such as in the cat, the kitchen and on holidays.

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  ISBN: 1885778554
Format: Paperback, 212pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  ISBN: 1-885778-61-9
Format: Paperback, 72pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
The Road of Christ
Language: Greek
Price: $12.00
Web Special: $9.95
Litrosi Lismonias
Oblivions Redemption

Eleni Fintrilakis
Language: Greek
Price: $4.95

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  ISBN: 1-59232-066-x
Format: Paperback, 48pp
Publisher: Orkos Press

Format: Paperback, 72pp
Publisher: Salonica Press

Metamorphosis A-Z
Eura de Freitas
Price: $8.50
Web Special: $5.75
Rene Descarte
Glenn Statile, Ph.D.
    A Magnificient story for children of all ages... Will make you proud of who you are.. — Dr. Sam Chekwas        
  Listening to Nature: My Century in Science Listening to Nature
Ray H. Crist
  Listening to Nature: My Century in Science Listening to Nature paperback
Ray H. Crist
  Redemption & Delivery
Author: Dutchess Taylor
Price: $15.95
  Understanding People
Author: Phillip Reed
Price: $14.95



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In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas
...Saint Nicholas, born in Patara of Asia Minor was a real person that lived in the fourth century during the turbulent and difficult times of early Christianity.
In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas
Andreas C. George
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Greece, A Life Time Dream -An account of student days in Greece by one of Greece's admirers!
Language: Greek
Sam Chekwas
Ellada To Onerio Mias Zoes
Twin of Heat
Black Book News Bestseller!
A story of pure romance with a classic touch...
Dana's debut novel is a bomb!
Dana Sanders Hill
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Ogbanje Son of The Gods
"Ogbanje" is a powerful book of the African experience as seen through the eyes of an Ogbanje, a child who dies and is reborn repeatedly to the same mother.
Ogbanje Son of The Gods, Sam Chekwas
Sam Chekwas
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