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Lift every voice and read... This program was started by Dr. Sam Chekwas who would often hand out free books to any child that could not afford it. Sooner he collected books and made donations to libraries and schools that were often operating under tight budgets.

Designed to provide books free of charge to children and to encourage them to read aloud as they would sing aloud their favorite songs. 
Under this program, children are encouraged to bring their favorite books and read them to the audience and go home with a bag full of their books of choice. 

Authors, Publishers and Booksellers are encouraged to donate their overstocks or part of their current books for children who otherwise cannot afford to buy them. See below how you can obtain them.

The sun shines on book lovers at the  Annual Black Book Expo.  At the 1st Annual Black Book Expo on Sunday September 2, 2001 in Brooklyn, New York City, children and grown ups as well found plenty of reasons to be happy: The great summer weather, the spirituals performed by the highly accomplished choir and the accompanying musicians, the large number of publishers exhibiting their stock, authors signing their books and chatting comfortably with the public, and most importantly, the free books handed out by READ ALOUD NY! 

The free books are an important element of this unique book festival that
promises to be a permanent feature of the cultural landscape of New York for years to come. Covering a block area, the 1st Annual Black Book Expo brought together dozens of publishers, booksellers, and authors, and thousands of members of the reading public on a beautiful sunny Sunday for this cultural festival organized by Paedeia Educational Promotions and the House of the Lord Church.

READ ALOUD NY!, the program that distributes donated books free of charge to any one who might want them, also made it’s first appearance in the community on Sunday, September 2, and the response—particularly among the younger set—was truly amazing.  There seems to be a hunger for high quality, accessible, reading material in the community, and Paedeia World and Seaburn Publishing would like to thank all those who have donated books to this program.

We certainly hope that by means of our READ ALOUD NY! program both young people and adults will be encouraged to pick up interesting books and to READ them.  

Seaburn’s goal is to further expand the range of the books given out gratis, particularly those given to children and young adults, and to cover a greater variety of subjects and reading levels. 

We invite authors, publishers, and individuals to donate books to this unique program, and we encourage the public to email READ ALOUD NY! to request the listed titles.

How to donate your books: Send books to our address. Include your name, address and telephone. (Note: your donation may not be tax deductible)

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Click Here for more Free Books

How to receive your free books?


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