She Touched My Soul
Naleighna Kai
$15.95 / paper
ISBN 0970269919
Infinity Publishing
Fiction / Novel

Everything that is happening in Mykal’s  life has him thinking that he’s lost his soul.  Angelique became his manager and destroyed his personal relationships, believing that control of his life and his music career would bring Mykal to her bedroom or to his knees.

When Mykal meets Maya, he realizes that of all he’s experienced in the past year –love is what he misses most.Maya tells Mykal of her past and he begins the process of helping her to heal, and to heal himself.  Mykal believes that if Maya can love herself, it won’t be so hard for her to understand that he loves her too. Angelique is not pleased with the changes in Mykal.  She becomes more demanding no than ever, and Mykal refuses to give in.  Angelique spins a web of destruction which uncovers secrets, forcing Mykal to give up reforming to protect Maya’s life--and his own.


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