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Sir Novelle Hamilton Richards, K.C.G.N. was a distinguished author, statesman and politician representing the Leewards Islands and Antigua and Barbuda, both at home and abroad. He was first elected to the Antigua Legislative Council in 1951, the same year when Adult Suffrage was granted to the working class of the island. He was then elected as a member of the West Indies Federal Parliament in 1958 and, as a member of the Federal Cabinet, he acted as Federal Prime Minister on several occasions.

Following the attainment of Independence in Association with Great Britain in 1967, Sir Novelle was elected the first President of the Antigua and Barbuda Senate; later that year, he was appointed by the Governments of the Eastern Caribbean to be the First Diplomatic Trade Commissioner in Canada.

An author in his own rights, Sir Novelle composed the lyrics of the National Anthem of Antigua and Barbuda. He also penned several publications including Tropic Gems, Twilight Hour and Vines of Freedom.

Sir Novelle Hamilton Richards died in Antigua in 1986, while performing the duties of Governor-Generalís Deputy.