wpe3.jpg (210301 bytes)Stinkbugs, Stick Insects & Stag Beetles and 18 More of the Strangest Insects on Earth
Sally Kneidel
$12.95 / Paperback / 116 pages.
ISBN 047135712


John Wiley & Sons / 2000
Children / Science

Nothing is more exciting than getting an up-close look at the amazing lives of unusual insects.  In this wonderfully detailed guide, written by the author of the kidís perennial favorites Pet Bugs and More Pet Bugs, you can find the answers to everything you ever wanted to know about the behavior of the weirdest bugs on our planet.  From burying beetles and back swimmers to robber flies and Madagascan giant hissing cockroaches, Stinkbugs, Stick Insects, and Stag Beetles digs deep into the creepy, crawly world of these strange and tiny creatures.   Youíll learn what each bug looks like, where to find it, and how its odd habits help it to survive.  With lots of illustrations and observing activities, Stinkbugs, Stick Insects, and Stag Beetles will show you just how incredible the strangest bugs in the world can be.