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A graduate of Columbia University, Walt is a former civil engineer who walked away from his career to follow his passion for music, writing, and helping others. He has been an artist manager, record label owner, inventor, poet, network marketer and consultant.

He is the author of 10 books including Turn Your Passion Into Profit (Information, Inspiration and Ideas to Help You Make Money Doing What You Love), and owns and operates 6 websites.

He is the creator of "Walt's Friday Inspirations", a popular weekly email of "the thoughts that create success" that he sends to the over 26,000 people who subscribe

Walt writes for Entrepreneur Magazine and Black Enterprise, and has been featured in Time Magazine, the Dallas Morning News, The Kip Business Report and numerous publications and websites. Walt offers personalized coaching and conducts workshops around the country and through the Learning Annex to help others make money doing what they love!


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