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We at Seaburn are deeply saddened by the acts committed against our country this past Tuesday.  We express our deepest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones and friends, our gratitude to rescue workers and volunteers who stand shoulder to shoulder in this dire time.  Each small pebble of help added to the heap creates a mountain of support for those who need it most.  Over the coming days, Seaburn will suspend normal operation of its site to post pictures and information on individuals whose families are still reporting them missing.

Please help us in our search and recovery of a young man from our community. A young man of promise and great potential.

Richard Allen

30 years old
Works for Marsh and McLennan Companies
 84th Fl. of World Trade Center, Tower #1
Missing since September 11th, 2001

Notes from his mother:
The last time I spoke to my son was on the night of September 10th.  He was congratulating me on my trip to Chicago to lecture at NIU University. Please help me locate Richard Allen. He is my son, my only child.

Richard, I love you and please come home!

If anyone has information concerning Richard Allen, please call Denise Allen at (718) 204-9429 or Seaburn Publishing (718) 274-1300 or send an email to


Dear Friends & Humanity:

On September 11, 2001 evil visited the world. Make no mistake, this is the work of the devil himself and will take divine intervention to overcome. Naturally we seek retribution, but that will be playing in the same orchestra with the devil, so lets seek justice, justice for this cowardly act which does not further anyone’s cause, regardless of their grievances against America or the world.

Let us pause and view the paths we have carved for ourselves and children, let us query that extra explosive that makes movies more entertaining, that prison we build at the expense of schools which lacks proper learning, that belief which teaches hate and rewards such acts of cowardice.  Let us pause and listen to the needs and complaints of others who may not resemble us, let us pause and realize we are all God’s creation, let us make the creator proud and show him we were created for a purpose.

We urge our authors, customers and friends to participate in this effort to return normalcy to our lives. We urge you to call the Red Cross, 1-800 HELP NOW,  Salvation Army,  United Way or other organizations involved in assisting families through this trying time and make donations to the ongoing recovery effort. Blood, water, food, refreshments, socks, work-gloves, clothes and a list of other items are needed. Every gesture counts.

Click here to post a missing person

Click here to contact Denise Allen

I thank you wholeheartedly for your support!

Dr. Sam Chekwas
Seaburn Publishing Group

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