Your Book of Shadows: 
How to Write your Own Magickal Spells.
Patricia Telesco
ISBN 080652071

Your Book of Shadows is an excellent guide to creating and maintaining a personal book of spells, divination methods, mediums, and magickal musings!  Using its easy-to-follow workbook format, you’ll find out how to make a Book of Shadows that will be beautiful, meaningful, and functional for many years to come.  More than that, however, Your book of Shadows is a completely useful spellbook in its own right, with excerpts taken from the author’s own pages collected over fifteen years of magickal study, research, and practice.  This information will empower you to create your own spells and rituals, and will help you create your own spiritual diary to gauge your progress and transformations in Wicca…and much, much more!  


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